chapter  Chapter 8
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Get It into the Game: Writing and Implementation

WithTobias Heussner

This chapter explains how to get from the written word to the playable and explores why implementation skills matter. During the implementation phase, if there is one important task for a narrative designer, it is to cut the fat from all the narrative elements that were developed and transform them into a playable experience. Besides its implementation in leading game engines, visual scripting to a certain extent can also be found in writing tools such as Twine and Articy: draft, which uses the flow chart visualization to visualize the journey throughout a plotline. Game development is a team effort and only teams that work together can achieve great results. Most assets for computer games are currently made in 3D programs from Autodesk. Many books have been written for dungeon and game masters, all including valuable information regarding how to organize and prepare narrative elements for a play session.