chapter  Chapter 9
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Cinematics and Dialogue

WithBrian Kindregan

This chapter discusses a types of cutscenes, and how to choose which type a cutscene. It provides the steps necessary to create a compelling cutscene. The chapter explores the central idea and explains the working with a team to create the cutscene. Cutscenes go by many names: cutscene, cinematic, in-game or in-engine cutscene, prerender, scripted scene, interstitial, trailer, and a variety of others. The result is a cutscene style that is undeniably impressive, but expensive, slow, and dangerous to use for in-depth storytelling. An in-game cutscene is rendered in real time by the game's graphics engine. Cutscenes excel at visual storytelling, from a huge space battle to a subtle expression. Cutscenes are generally the best way to convey conflicted, complex emotions, due to the extra control of face effects and voice. Quests, journal entries, ambient dialogue, mini-games, and a variety of other game features can all convey narrative and character development, albeit in an inherently less visual manner.