chapter  9
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Spirituality and Religion at Work

Christian Traditions in Action
WithEdwina Pio, Peter McGhee

This chapter is an invitation to walk through Christian traditions which influence workplace spirituality and management. We begin with a generally shared Christian understanding of spirituality taken from the Bible—that of being influenced by, or a manifestation of, the Spirit of God (1 Cor. 2:6–15). Using this shared understanding as a foundation, to emphasize inclusivity rather than superiority of any one Christian denomination, we present a brief summary of spirituality as viewed through two major Christian traditions (Catholic and Protestant). With a desire to bring in gendered perspectives, we focus on two women and two men in each of these traditions and seek to present the fabric of spirituality and work through portraying their lives. The chapter concludes by providing several managerial implications pertaining to workplace spirituality from the Christian traditions.