chapter  13
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Workplace Spirituality and Wellness

An Organizational Neuroscientific Perspective
WithClaude-Hélène Mayer, Dirk Geldenhuys

This theoretical chapter aims at presenting an overview on the topic of workplace spirituality and wellness in general and specifically with regard to an organizational neuroscientific perspective. The authors first provide insights into the contemporary literature on spirituality, workplace spirituality, and wellness. Thereafter, they provide neuroscientific and organizational perspectives. Based on this overview, the authors argue further that organizational neuroscience offers the possibility of synthesizing the constructs with specific implications for leadership and managerial practices. They discuss how spirituality can be applied in organizational settings with the aim of enhancing wellness. Related concepts, such as mindfulness, are included in the discussion and interconnected in the context of neurosciences. Following these discussions, conclusions are provided and recommendations for management research and practice are given. Theoretical implications and best practices to increase workplace spirituality are presented to increase workplace spirituality and wellness from a neuroscientific perspective.