chapter  30
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A Time for US

Collectively Moving Toward Higher Consciousness
WithJoan Marques

As awareness erupts in our world of today, fueled by an increased availability of information and exposure to alternative ways of living, so does a nagging sense of discontentment among a large number of people about the way their life is structured. “Is this all there is to it?” is a question many ask, as they are getting ready for yet another workday. Many of us are suffering from a deep sense of discontentment at work, which is negatively affecting other areas of our lives as well. What is the real foundation of this discontentment? Is there something to be done about it for us, and, as a result, for those around us? What is it that we’re really looking for? This chapter provides the simplest and still seemingly most difficult answer: loving-kindness. Loving-kindness can only be attained through higher consciousness. Yet, the reward is tremendous for all of us, as it gets translated into values such as understanding, compassion, support, respect, and the will to help create a world where there is a greater sense of “Us” and a reduced sense of “I.”