chapter  1
15 Pages

5G Disruptive Technologies and Architecture

ByAnu Mangal, M.A. Rizvi, Shadab Pasha Khan

The chapter “5G Disruptive Technologies and Architecture” demystifies the concepts of 5G and its evolution as a plus point over the existing technology. It also gives a crisp comparison between all the wireless generations. The proposed architecture of 5G is explained along with the disruptive technologies that are emerging as a base of 5G such as Distributed Antenna System, mm Wave and Visual Light Communication, Massive MIMO(Multiple Input Multiple Output), Small cell, Beamforming, Mobile femto cells, Spatial modulation, Cognitive Radio networks and Device to Device Communication. The new technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), environmental monitoring, autonomous driving, wireless sensor networks, virtual reality etc which will get flying colors with the evolution of 5G are also described. The chapter also includes advantages and future challenges for 5G and how 5G will make life of people faster, efficient and smarter.