chapter  10
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Challenges Confronting the Next Generation Wireless Networks

ByR. Narmadha, A. Jayanthiladevi

Actualizing a practical internetwork [1] is no basic task. Many difficulties must be confronted, particularly in the regions of availability, unwavering quality, organization of administration, and adaptability. Every area is geared toward the build-up of a proficient and compelling internetwork. The main obstacle confronted when associating different frameworks is to help create correspondence between dissimilar techniques. Distinctive locales, for instance, may utilize diverse types of media or they may work at different rates. Another basic area, dependable administration, must be kept up in any internetwork. Singular clients and whole associations rely upon predictable, dependable access in order to organize assets. In addition, various administrations [2,3] must be brought together to assist each other and investigate the capabilities in an internetwork. Arrangement, security, execution, and other issues must be satisfactorily handled for the internetwork to work easily. Adaptability, the last concern, is important for arranging the development of the network, new applications, and the various administrative associations among different components.