chapter  Chapter Six
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The Maya Highlands and the Late Preclassic

Kaminaljuyu as a case study
WithBarbara Arroyo

Kaminaljuyu was an important Preclassic Maya Highland center that had an impact in southeastern Mesoamerica because of its access to and control of important trade products such as obsidian, jade, cacao, and others. This chapter presents the case study of Kaminaljuyu in the Late Preclassic, approaching it from the perspective of its antecedents, hydraulic management, access to resources connected to its strategic location, and the presence of a sophisticated storage system. New information provides data on the nature of grain storage and preservation. The end of the Preclassic is marked by dramatic events such as a drought that affected important centers in the Maya Lowlands and Highlands. Kaminaljuyu was one of the sites impacted by drought, leading to a series of events that include special termination deposits.