chapter  20
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Crop and Animal Farming IoT (CAF-IoT)

ByNeha Agnihotri, Soumyadipto Santra, Shampa Sen

Agriculture as well as animal husbandry plays a vital role in the development of a country. In India, about 70% of population depends upon agriculture and one third of the nation's economy rests on it. Issues concerning farming as well as animal husbandry have been continually preventing the improvement of the nation. The main answer for this issue is outstanding agriculture by modernizing the current conventional techniques for farming and animal husbandry. Thus, the venture goes for influencing agricultureto brilliant utilizing robotization and IoT advances. The highlights of this modern sytem should be a good water system with savvy controls and continuous field information, using the PIR sensor and the Arduino procedure. In this fashion, early diagnosis for animal wellbeing, security, and sperm quality for artificial insemination can be checked. Control of these operations will be through remote smart devices or PC associated with the Internet, while the operations will be performed by sensors.