chapter  1
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Education in a Time of Unprecedented Change

ByMichael Soskil

The backbone of our society is education. All around the globe from the most affluent cities to the most isolated rural villages, schools are the center of the community. An education system unable to adapt to the speed of innovation in society is obsolete. An education system that is not preparing citizens to be happy and healthy in the world they will live is worthless. Many schools and educational systems are still using Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition to drive their technology integration. Many more have still yet to embrace technology as a necessary part of the learning experience. The noblest use of technology in schools is to provide students with the opportunity to learn while developing innovative solutions to problems being created by unintended consequences of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The most important things that teachers do cannot be quantified or digitized easily. Teachers inspire their students to be intrinsically motivated learners, to overcome obstacles in their lives.