chapter  4
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Teach ME

The Learner Profile
ByArmand Doucet

This chapter provides an overview of core skill sets for the 21st century classroom and a practical guide for introducing new teaching methods. It proposes the Teach ME model, that combines World Economic Forum (WEF) and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) models. The Teach ME model will help teachers design classrooms to prepare students for world in which they will work and live among people of diverse cultural, religious and racial origins who may hold different worldviews. Australian teacher Christian Williams understands the importance of developing a culture of trust and safety in the classroom. Teachers are graduating with well-developed skills to teach literacies; they lack tools to teach the rest. Teacher education institutes must adapt to prepare new teachers for a different classroom environment, one that embraces interconnectedness of teaching literacies, competencies and character. Applied and experiential learning should be better integrated into teacher education, perhaps opening up the opportunity for greater collaboration with post-secondary institutions.