chapter  5
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The Power of Teaching

ByNadia Lopez

Great teachers are passionate about their teaching and learning; hence they believe in the power of education and the implications it has on a child's development for the future. The World Economic Forum White Paper Report, Realizing Human potential in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: An Agenda for Leaders to Shape the Future of Education, Gender and Work, there needs to be an investment in the development of teachers to ensure they cultivate curiosity. Dennis Shirley stated in his book, The New Imperative of Educational Change: Achievement with Integrity, "achievement with integrity means engaging with the wider world beyond one's own borders as a classroom teacher and as a constant learning professional". Singapore has been recognized for having the highest ranking in student achievement measured by the Total Impact the Programme for International Student Assessments, but its success comes from the high quality of teachers who are selected from the top third of their high school graduates.