chapter  7
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Evolution of Technology in the Classroom

ByKoen Timmers

Technology is a pedagogical catalyst. It can make good classroom practices great, and it can make bad classroom practices even worse. Technology has always been a disruptive force in education. At one time, the slate, the ballpoint pen and the slide rule were all considered new "educational technology", and debates raged on whether to ban them from classrooms. Digital assistive tools are now offering amazing opportunities to students, especially those with disabilities. Previous generations of students had limited resources adapted to their individual needs. Distance learning is eco-friendly, avoiding the financial and environmental costs of a daily commute. However, some students are very keen on the social contact in face-to-face settings, and it's very hard for teachers to read their students' emotions, which is an important part of education. Today, technology can provide an unprecedented education, by closing the gap to populations by geography, socio-economics, weather or learning disabilities.