chapter  8
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Flip the System

The Networked Activist Teacher
ByJelmer Evers

Flipping the system should more resemble a process of emancipation than a 'system intervention', a process where the 'voice' of teachers is given a meaningful place. Dennis Shirley argues that the new imperatives for educational change, there is another way. In Flip the System, peoples propose to build our education systems on the basis of democratic principles and collective autonomy. Crucial to achieving a flipped system is enhancing teacher agency. And peoples know that networking plays a crucial role in fostering this. Teachers have to regain their professional honour and reconnect with the broad purpose of education. Teachers have allowed these toxic systems to flourish as well. They have been going along with a lot of day-to-day practices which are detrimental for students. At the global level, teachers are already democratically organized through Education International, a federation of teacher unions and professional associations.