chapter  10
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The Case of Higher Education

Changes in higher education have been more dramatic and important than in perhaps any other area of education since the war. The changes in the non-university or public sector were the more substantial, if less dramatic. It is also relevant that the two most important, the Association of Teachers in Technical Institutions and the Association of Teachers in Colleges and Departments of Education, have experienced large fluctuations in their fortunes since the early 1960s. The large increases in membership directly reflect the post-war increase in scale and range of further education work. The Committee of Directors may not have the full range of consultative relationships as does the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals. One director is on the University Grants Committee and another is on the Science Research Council, where they are concerned to promote such causes as those of the part-time research student and fair shares for the polytechnics. The universities have also undergone startling changes.