chapter  2
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Some History: From Expansionism to Pessimism, 1960—1974

ByMaurice Kogan

The Labour Governments of 1964 and 1966 created major reorientations of policy. By 1968, many of the underlying assumptions of the previous two decades had begun to be challenged. The challenges became sharper with the return of the Conservative Government in 1970. The post-war Labour Government had had a difficult task at the beginning of our first period of reconstruction. The main policy movements related to major changes in ideology and values. The attitudinal and social changes were reflected in education by the circulars announcing the expansion of further education, by the building of as many as two new schools every day, by the changes in government of institutions and demands for public participation. Both government and intellectuals inter-played with politicians in Parliament and in local authorities and with the main educational interest groups. Changes in value thus reflected as well as activated changes in events.