chapter  8
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The Changing Pattern

ByMaurice Kogan

Advisory Centre for Education (ACE) supports parents by providing information about schools and current movements in educational ideas, so that parents are able to discuss curriculum development with teachers from a basis of knowledge. The interaction between the interest groups concerned with preschool education and the political parties illustrates some important points. The Roman Catholic Church used to be a major source of pressure on government. But the present role of the Catholic Education Council shows how educational issues can change in relationship to more general social and political changes. The National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) is financed largely by a local authority grant, though the DES has always given it a small grant. The NFER is a service-orientated organisation. The development of comprehensive education, the changing curriculum, the build-up of more egalitarian educational patterns in higher and school education-all are part of a changing frame of reference partly, at least, fashioned by researchers.