chapter  Chapter 5
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Interactions of Fullerene C60 in Pyridine Solutions

WithDorra Mahdaouia, Kun’ichi Miyazawa

In order to understand the growth mechanism of C60 nanotubes (C60) prepared by a modified liquid–liquid interfacial precipitation method, the interactions of C60 in pyridine solutions at different temperatures was studied. The effect of dissolving water in pyridine on fullerene’s solubility was also investigated. The fullerene’s solubility in pyridine decreases as a function of increasing water content. Fullerenes and their derivatives have shown a very diverse range of properties, ranging from high-temperature superconductivity to ferromagnetism. The solubility of C60 in various pyridine solutions and at different incubation temperatures is discussed to facilitate the understanding of C60 fullerene nanotube synthesis. The effect of temperature and water on the solubility of C60 in pyridine solutions was investigated using HPLC measurements. Extraordinary physical and chemical peculiarities in the behavior of fullerenes in solutions are related on the one hand to their exotic structure and on the other hand to the possibility of cluster formation.