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Determination method of subgrade compaction scheme based on energy

WithHonglue Qu, Lipeng Hu, Lei Liu, Jinbo Mao, Yijie Liu

Vibration compaction, as a commonly method used in embankment control compaction, can effectively improve compaction quality. However, the theoretical research on the determination of on-site construction scheme is not sufficient at present. In view of this, considering the effective work time with the traveling of vibratory wheel, the interval of the work energy integral was redistributed and the calculation equation of work energy in the unit time of vibratory roller was derived based on the vibration compaction dynamic equation and functional principle. In addition, the equation for calculating energy required for unit volume backfill was proposed by considering the overlap of track rollers. Finally, compared with laboratory experiment, the equation can help to determinate the appropriate compaction parameters such as time, speed, reduplication coefficient of wheel track and so on, which provides a theoretical basis for the on-site construction scheme.