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Experimental study on real-time compaction quality test indexes for coarse-grained soil in sand-gravel dam

WithTianbo Hua, Xingguo Yang, Hongtao Li

To realize a fast, real-time and accurate monitoring of the coarse-grained soil compaction quality in sand-gravel dam, several real-time test indexes were selected based on the test principle of soil reaction force. To determine the most appropriate index, the field compaction experiment was carried out in the sand-gravel material area and rockfill material area of Aertashi dam with the vehicle test equipment. The correlations between real-time test indexes and rolling parameters and the data stability have been analyzed. The results show that the CF index is more suitable for the real-time compaction quality test of the coarse-grained soil in sand-gravel dam. Furthermore, the quantitative relations between real-time index and compaction quality index were established to determine the control criterion of CF, which can instruct the real-time control of the compaction quality in the rolling process.