chapter  3
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Disruption, community, and resilient governance

Environmental justice in the Anthropocene
WithDavid Schlosberg

This chapter examines the relationship between the idea of the Anthropocene, the reality of its disruption, and the impact on thinking about environmental justice. It explores the key concept in thinking about the relationship between the Anthropocene and justice. The chapter focuses on some implications and applications for environmental governance – including governance of commons – given not only injustice and the Anthropocene, but also in light of these specific types of disruptions to environment, community, and capabilities. In the vast literature on the idea of the Anthropocene, there is very little on the consequences for environmental or social justice – which is odd for something that is basically a result of an economic system driven by access to cheaper resources and the labour to process it. As many have argued, this insistence makes invisible the environmental justice issues that come with human/nonhuman entanglements and immersions.