chapter  Chapter 3
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A Summary of Maintenance Policies for K-out-of-N Models and Their Applications to Consecutive Systems

WithLei Zhou, Taishin Nakamura, Toshio Nakagawa, Xiao Xiao, Hisashi Yamamoto

K-out-of-N models consist of an ordered sequence of N units, such that the system is good if and only if at least K units in the system are good. Also, a consecutive-K-out-of-N:G system (Con/K/N:G system) consists of an ordered sequence of N components, such that the system is good if and only if at least K consecutive components in the system are good (Kuo and Zuo 2003). With the development of system complexity, high performance, and other requirements, the system reliability also puts forward higher requirements. Reliability has become an important indicator for evaluating the system. In order to reduce the probability of system failure, as well as reduce the damage caused when the failure occurs, proper maintenance and repair can be employed. Performing timely maintenance, repairs and planned preventive maintenance before the failure of a system has become an important topic in the field of reliability research.