chapter  8
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Making resistance

Narratives of communist-led agrarian movements in contemporary India
ByArchana Prasad

This chapter explores the way in which collective memories of popular movements are shaped and constructed by its leaders. It analyses the texts of three popular struggles of the late 1940s and early 190s, namely Telangana, Tebhaga and Warli struggles, through the contemporary narratives of the movement. It argues that the mere act of writing the narrative is a political one, as the text created by its author claims to represent the collective voice of the participants of the movement. By doing so the text acts as an important document to establish the leadership and contemporary relevance of the movement at different periods of history. Hence the text is not merely of historical significance but also a guiding force and a moral authority to guide contemporary political practices. In this sense, the chapter explores the importance of the interface between collective memory and political practice.