chapter  12
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Computing method for three-dimensional long train system dynamics

ByQing Wu, Maksym Spiryagin, Colin Cole

Simulations of three-dimensional Train System Dynamics for long freight trains with consideration being given to all Degrees of Freedom of all essential components of all vehicles are challenging due to the long computing time. This paper developed a parallel computing scheme for three-dimensional Train System Dynamics. Assume that there are n vehicles in the train, then n + 1 computer cores are needed. The first core (Core 0) is used as the master core; the rest of the cores (Core 1 to Core n) are used for the computing of single Vehicle System Dynamics for all n vehicles in parallel. During the simulation, the master core collects coupler knuckle forces and the entering air brake boundary conditions form Core 1 to Core n. Core 1 to Core n execute individual Vehicle System Dynamics simulations, and then send the coupler kinematics and reflecting air brake boundary conditions to the master core. This computing scheme can also be modified to assign a small number of vehicles to each core.