chapter  129
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Long-term vibration evolution of China CRH3 series high speed trains

ByJianbin Wang, Sheng Qu, Chunyuan Song, Pingbo Wu, Huanyun Dai

To optimize the maintenance schedules, long-term tracking tests of the CRH3 series high speed trains were taken on the main lines. Evolution of wear of the wheels and vibrations of the vehicles were statistically analyzed through the huge cumulative data. A feasible operation limit for wheel re-profiling periods was obtained based on bogie stability constraint. The index of the ride quality is of little concerns as there is no significant difference at new and worn wheel states. Furthermore, the mechanism of the wheel polygonization was implied by the evolution of the bandpass filtered accelerations of the axle-boxes. Based on the evolution rules, some measures in view of reducing probability of resonant vibrations were proven to be effective on relief of the polygonization problems.