chapter  22
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The active hunting stability of high-speed train bogie based on frame vibration control

ByYuan Yao, Jian-Qiao Sun

We study a multi-objective optimal design of three different frame vibration control configurations and compare their performances in improving the lateral stability of a high speed train bogie. The analysis results show that the three control cases could improve the bogie hunting stability effectively. For the case (1), the time-delay over 10 ms may lead to instability of the control system which will affect the bogie hunting stability seriously. For the case (2) and (3), the increasing time-delay reduces the hunting stability gradually over the high-speed range. At a certain speed, such as 200 km/h, an appropriate time-delay is favorable to the bogie hunting stability. The nonlinear bifurcation characteristics of the bogie control system are studied by the numerical integration methods to verify the effects of these active control configurations and the delay on the bogie hunting stability.