chapter  52
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Prediction of Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF) for iron-ore locomotive wheels; Comparison of an alternative contact algorithm with FASTSIM

ByS. Hossein-Nia, C. Casanueva, S. Stichel, M.Sh. Sichani

In this article, a model to estimate the evolution of surface initiated Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF) is developed and applied to a heavy haul locomotive. To consider the changes in the wheel profile due to wear, a methodology based on Archard’s wear calculation theory is used. The method is based on the load collective concept, which determines a set of dynamic time-domain simulations as representative for the line. For RCF calculations a shakedown based theory is applied locally, using the FaStrip algorithm to estimate the tangential stresses instead of FASTSIM. The differences between the two algorithms regarding damage prediction models are studied. The differences are due to the accumulation of the FASTSIM error in the long-term process. The simulated crack locations and their angles are compared with a five-year field study and good agreements are achieved.