chapter  55
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Tie and fastener system loading environment simulation using NUCARS® multibody dynamic vehicle-track model

ByMike McHenry, Adam Klopp

Multibody vehicle-track models are commonly used to study vehicle dynamic response under various track conditions. To a lesser degree, these types of models have been applied to study the transfer of dynamic loading into the track structure. NUCARS®, a multibody dynamics model, has been used to construct a vehicle-track model to study vehicle-track interaction effects on tie and fastener system stresses. In recent research, the NUCARS® model is being used to investigate the transfer of dynamic loads through the tie and fastener system for concrete, wood, and polymer composite tie and fastener systems. A specific case study on the effect of track geometry perturbations and wheel-rail contact conditions on a concrete tie failure mode known as rail seat abrasion is presented. Additionally, ongoing applications of the vehicle-track model to study common wood and composite tie and fastener system failures are discussed.