chapter  63
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Method to evaluate safety against derailment due to sloshing in partially filled railway tank vehicles

ByLars-Ove Jönsson

A method to evaluate safety against derailment for railway vehicles with a partially filled liquid tank has been developed, based on a full-scale sloshing test and theoretical considerations. The foundation is an estimate when turbulent splashing occurs in the tank, which limits the effective sloshing amplitude that needs to be considered. This non-linear effect is not included in conventional models of sloshing liquids, based on equivalent mechanical models. Pendulums or spring and dashpot models are often used.

The method has been demonstrated on a two-axle wagon with a 24 000 litre tank, with the result that the tank needs to be divided into sections with a maximum volume of 8000 litres to ensure safety against derailment for all water levels. Only one section can be partially filled, other sections need to be either full or empty.