chapter  68
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Influence of an alternative non-elliptic contact model on wheel wear calculation

ByY. Li, R. Enblom, S. Stichel, M.Sh. Sichani

The contact model between wheel and rail is significant for predicting wear of the wheel profile with help of multi-body dynamics simulation. Among the contact models, Hertz’s theory and Fastsim algorithm are widely used in MBS software due to high computational efficiency and acceptable precision. But with respect to wear, the accuracy of such a contact model is insufficient, especially for predicting the wear distribution. A new non-elliptic contact model called ANALYN/FaStrip with fast calculation speed has been proposed to improve the precision for both normal and tangential solutions. This paper investigates the influence of this new contact model on the wear calculation by comparing with Hertz/Fastsim in terms of contact pressure and creep forces, and finally indicates the difference of wear depth calculated by the two contact models. The results illustrate that significant improvements can be gained by implementing ANALYN/FaStrip into the wheel wear prediction.