chapter  72
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Effects of wheel wear on the traction system dynamics of high-speed train

ByYayun Qi, Huanyun Dai

Wheel wear problem of high-speed train affects the dynamic performance of the train, in order to study the vibration characteristics of high speed EMU drive system in the state of wear under the wheels of the evolution of the law, establish the vehicle model based on multi body dynamics analysis, in a period of roller wheel tread wear on vibration response analysis of transmission system. When operating mileage increases, the contact condition is getting worse, Through the simulation of electro-mechanical coupling analysis, Establish gear traction system model, considering the traction and braking conditions, through spectrum analysis, motor and gear box with increasing wear mileages, roll coupling vibration with the vehicle body and bogie in low frequency, vibration has become increasingly intensely, about 60 Hz in the high frequency region, and there is no vibration strengthen.