chapter  79
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Study on wind-induced vibration of railway catenary under 3D stochastic wind field

ByY. Song, Z. Liu

The large flexibility and long span of the railway catenary system cause the high sensitivity of the structure to wind load, especially the time-varying stochastic wind, which is able to cause the severe forced vibration of the catenary and affect the sliding contact quality with a pantograph. Considering the spatial property of the stochastic wind, the fluctuating wind velocities in three directions are generated through the corresponding empirical spectrums. Based on the wind-induced vibration theory, the wind loads acting on catenary wires are derived. Through CFD and Wind Tunnel Experiment, the aerodynamic coefficients are measured. Based on a nonlinear finite element model of catenary and a multi-body model of pantograph, the effect of wind load on pantograph-catenary interaction is studied. With different geometrical parameters (such as tension and span length), the dynamic responses of pantograph-catenary interaction are analysed, which is beneficial to the anti-wind design of railway catenary systems.