chapter  86
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Study and design of a wireless monitoring device for intermodal freight wagons

ByA. Somà, M. Aimar

In the last years freight wagons monitoring is getting growing attention from the railway sector. Wagon wireless monitoring could be considered part of the IoT world. The Railway Research group of Politecnico di Torino (Italy) has been working for years on the development of monitoring solutions for passengers and freight wagons. In our research, we decided in agreement with the intermodal railway company partner of the project, to develop a monitoring system targeted to the braking and axlebox subsystems. The paper presents the development of an hybrid monitoring system that adopts both wired and wireless solution. This device was realized starting from the experimental activity of a previous cabled monitoring system. For the wireless modules was adopted the standard IEEE 802.15.4. To minimize the energy consumption of the monitoring system we developed a sleep mode algorithm based on the accelerometer signals of the wagon chassis and axlebox.