chapter  91
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Nonlinear vibration and control of Maglev vehicle-switch beam coupling system

ByZhongji Li, Hongsong Lin, Wenfeng Cai, Hua Yan

The Electro-Magnetic Suspension (EMS)-based Maglev train, referred as one of important new transport mode, has been widely investigated experimentally and theoretically in the world. The EMS-based train, however, is still subjected to the loss stability and the nonlinear coupled vibration owing to the stability of suspension controller and the time lag of electro-magnetic suspension response for the control command. In this study, a Maglev train-controller-switch coupled dynamic model is thus developed to investigate the stability of suspension controller and the coupling vibration. The results suggest that the proposed dynamic model can represent the loss stability of the coupled vibration, which is comparable to those obtained via the experiments. Using the pro-posed dynamic model, the dynamic characteristics of vehicle/switch coupled vibration is studied, which further contributes to a TMD-based vibration control method for the switch beam vibration and the coupling system stability.