Kenya's Primitive Colonial Capitalism The Economic Weakness of Kenya's Settlers Up to 1940
ByPaul Van Zwanenberg*
Pages 16

Primitive Colonial Capitalism is a concept of similar nature to Marx's "so called Primitive Capitalism." Primitive colonial capitalism refers to the period of relative domestic violence and brutality with the local community. The Colonial Administration became concerned with the farmers' credit problems during the period of the slump in 1921 and 1930s as the impoverished situation of the small scale settlers threatened the economic viability of the colony. A justifiable optimism had led to a much ill-timed enthusiasm and even recklessness in putting capital into the land. The Land Bank saw the light of day in 1930- just in time. The Land Bank does appear to have been successful in reducing rates of interest. The single cash crops was the major form of farming in Kenya up to 1940. It was a short-term method of land use as it left the grower open to all the hazards of crop failure due to climate or to the vagaries of the market.