chapter  4
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Engineering with a human face

WithFreng Peter Goodhew

Liberal Arts colleges are commonplace in the USA, but programmes in Liberal Science and Liberal Engineering have begun to appear. The following ideas about liberal engineering, producing professional engineers with human faces, have been developed in the context of the new programme being developed at New Model in Technology and Engineering. The inclusion of a limited amount of non-technical content within engineering degrees is encouraged by the bodies which regulate chartered or registered engineers. In an integrated approach, the student would encounter every non-technical topic in the context of a technical topic – that is, while learning about an aspect of engineering. Each topic would be seen as a part of engineering, not an add-on. Programmes which aspire to be liberal are usually based on general engineering or general science, perhaps better described as multidisciplinary rather than “general.” They are not “Humanitarian Electronic Engineering” or “Liberal Chemistry” or “Arts and Mechanical Engineering.”.