chapter  Chapter 3
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Elimination and bowel care

BySheila Cunningham

As a fundamental need and physical activity, elimination is not only natural and essential but can also alter due to daily life stresses or behaviours. Bowel activity is complex and unique to individuals; however, it forms a key basic care need and one that nurses will definitely encounter on a daily basis. Bowel elimination is a sensitive issue, and providing effective care and management of issues or problems can be problematic due to this. Elimination can be described as the removal of the waste products of digestion from the body human. The neurological control of the bowel is the result of an intricate balance between the extrinsic and enteric nervous system, and the intestinal smooth muscle cells. Bowel care therefore has a wide scope and may include assessments and interventions of an intimate or seemingly invasive nature that must be carried out when there is a specific and adequate clinical need.