chapter  23
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The state of environmental journalism in the Balkan region

WithMaria Bolevich

“The State of Environmental Journalism in the Balkan Region” is seen through the eyes of a young science and environmental freelance journalist in Montenegro. She does not paint a pretty picture. “What I find very challenging in the Balkans is the fact that as an environmental journalist, I cannot get answers from ministries. Some scientists and even NGOs are ignoring my questions. Their reasons are different: I do not work for local media, I work for foreign media, or I am a freelancer,” she writes. “I worked for free almost three years, because in the Balkans it is very hard to find an editor who is willing to pay for scientific or environmental stories.” Nevertheless, the author reports that there are a number of excellent science and environmental journalists in the Balkans, including “the Croatian science journalist Tanja Rudež of Jutarnji List daily national newspaper, who won the first European Science Writer of the Year award in 2015.”