chapter  31
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Swashbuckling tales

Oxpeckers peck away at the digital future of environmental journalism
WithFiona Macleod

If the author of the previous chapter is the ultimate old-school environmental reporter, the writer of this chapter is new-school all the way, operating one of the finest environmental journalism websites in the world. Also South African, she tells the story of Oxpeckers Investigative Environmental Journalism, bringing a truly high-tech perspective to investigative journalism, and “combining the more traditional investigative reporting techniques with data analysis, geo-mapping, and digital tools.” Oxpeckers is a collaborative network, she reports. “Collaborations have helped us to embrace the fast-changing future of investigative journalism, and they include working with, mentoring, and supporting a network of young journalists who are keen to specialize in environmental reporting. We help them to pioneer the big stories that will remove eco-offenders, if not immediately, then over time.”