chapter  35
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Environmental journalism in Latin America

WithFermín Koop

The author of this chapter is an Argentine environmental journalist who co-founded Claves21, a network of Latin American environmental reporters. He explains that, “Environmental journalism has gone through substantial changes in Latin America in the last few decades, moving from being almost invisible in the region’s media outlets to having a more significant role.” Environmental stories in Latin America often involve conflicts regarding the use or overuse of the region’s abundant natural resources. These conflicts have been called the “resource curse.” Because of this, “Latin America is considered one of the most dangerous places in the world for environmentalists and human rights defenders.” The writer reports that “the number of journalists reporting on the environment is still very low. … There are only a handful of specialized environmental journalists in each of the countries in the region. … Most of these environmental specialists work for digital and printed publications, limiting environmental journalism outside these formats.”