chapter  6
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Audio storytelling

WithJudy Fahys

All good journalists are storytellers. And some of the best storytellers around the world are radio journalists and podcasters. The author, a long-time environmental journalist who has worked for NPR Utah, tells the story of audio environmental journalism. Fahys quotes journalist Sadie Babits on the unique nature of audio storytelling: “When you’re out in the woods and you’re pointing your microphone up to aspen trees that are quaking or shaking in the wind, it’s this beautiful sound. And when you put that into a feature story – let’s say you’re doing a story about aspen trees and die off – you’re able to bring the listener with you and put them in this space like they are in this forest because you’re surrounded by this incredible sound.” In a world where hundreds of millions of people listen to radio daily, either on the air or through the Internet, the importance of audio environmental storytelling cannot be denied.