chapter  11
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Pili As Adherence Factors In Escherichia Coli Strain Rdec-1

ByEdgar C. Boedeker, Christopher P. Cheney

The species specificity of rabbit model of Escherichia coli (RDEC)-1 adherence, as well as the mucosal localization of adherence, was shown by another method as well. RDEC-1 is localized specifically at the mucosal surface of the rabbit ileum, whereas it is randomly and sparsely distributed over the lamina propria of the other three species. Based on an initial assumption that genetic information for RDEC-1 pili resided on the chromosome, a high frequency recombinant form of adherent RDEC-1 was prepared and conjugal mating with a nonadherent shigella was attempted. Isolated RDEC-1 pili adhere with the same distribution and species specificity as whole organisms to the intestinal mucosa of the rabbit, indicating that specific mucosal adhesive properties reside in these pili. The interaction of RDEC-1 with the absorptive epithelial cell surface may be independent of interaction of RDEC-1 organisms with the Peyer’s patch epithelium.