chapter  6
Sarcocystis: Infection and Disease of Humans, Livestock, Wildlife, and other Hosts
WithRichard J. Cawthorn, C. A. Speer
Pages 30

Sarcocystosis causes significant economic losses to the livestock industry; and this group of parasites can also be an important cause of human illness and could also impact negatively on wildlife populations. Although species of Sarcocystis were first recognized in the mid-1800s, critical information on systematics, developmental cycles, pathogenesis, immunity, and epidemiology has become available relatively recently (i.e., beginning in the early 1970s). This review is designed to critically examine and overview information on structure and developmental cycles, systematics and diagnosis, techniques, pathogenesis of infection, immunological responses, epidemiology, control, and directions for future research on species of Sarcocystis.