chapter  8
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Method Of Treatment of Fibrotic Lesions by Topical Administration of Lathyrogenic Drugs

ByMilos Chvapil

The goal of various treatments aimed at the inhibition of collagen metabolism is to selectively inhibit the synthesis and deposition of this fibrous protein specifically in the fibrotic lesion, but not in intact tissues. This chapter presents findings on topical interference with fibrotic tissue deposits, peritendinous adhesions, stiff joints, and other fibrotic lesions by a group of drugs called lathyrogens. Lathyrogens are defined as a group of chemical substances that inhibit, by any method, the formation of intermolecular and intramolecular covalent crosslinks in collagen or elastin structures. Inhibition of collagen maturation in specific diseases can be achieved either by topical application of β-aminopropionitrile or other lathyrogens onto the skin or by direct injection into the lesion. The major limitation of topical drug administration onto the skin surface is the imposing impermeability of the skin which forms a chemical and waterproofing seal.