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Photodegradative Additives

WithGeorge S. Upton

The wide disparity in the level of sunlight impacting the world is seen in the world depiction. While this is helpful in gaining a perspective on sunlight it does not address a number of the other issues which impact photodegradation. Specialty Products include both the photo and starch degradable additives as well as Ampacet's product lines for extrusion coating, wire and cable, fibers and specialty antistats. The major application for photodegradables is currently in film and usually under 4 mils in gauge. The photosensitive reaction is set into motion with the exposure of the product to sufficient sunlight or other UV source. This product will also contain a metal ion initiating complex to insure a more uniform and rapid deterioration. An example would be where the sunlight impact is less but the air quality is better or the elevation is such that there is less impact on the radiation.