chapter  6
20 Pages

Magnetic Material Properties And Applications Of Metallic Glasses In Electronic Devices

WithR. Boll, H. R. Hilzinger, H. Warlimont

In this chapter, the author discusses the magnetic properties as they pertain to applications in electronics, give information on manufacturing related properties and describe examples of applications which appear to be most likely to make use of metallic glasses. The unique combination of magnetic and mechanical properties of some amorphous alloys makes the materials attractive for magnetic heads. The fundamental magnetic properties of amorphous alloys are the saturation induction, the magnetostriction constant and the Curie temperature. Elastomagnetic transducers and pickups made of conventional magnetic alloys have been in use for compression or tensile measurements for several years and the development appeared almost completed. The use of metallic glasses in surface-acoustic wave delay lines is of particular interest because they yield a relatively large delay time variation with a small change in the bias field.