chapter  33

NetWare Considerations

In this chapter we will look at migration and coexistence options between Windows NT and NetWare. Novell NetWare was, and still is, the predominant Network Operating System. However, recently Windows NT is gaining market share from NetWare. Windows NT had one advantage in its competition with NetWare compared to UNIX. Unlike UNIX with its many variants, NetWare is a well-defined target. NetWare was relatively easy to develop migration and coexistence solutions for. Just as it introduced WordPerfect compatibility features (such as document translation filters for WordPerfect documents and user guides that provide comparable Word functions for WordPerfect functions) to appeal to the WordPerfect install base, Microsoft included NetWare compatibility features in Windows NT. Besides Windows NT, Windows 95 and Windows for Workgroups integrate with NetWare as well. These include: