chapter  6

Porting Applications between Heterogeneous Environments/Rewriting Applications

WithRaj Rajagopal

An organization must examine its current portfolio of applications to determine whether each application should be left as is, ported to another environment, or rewritten. This decision depends on a variety of factors such as expected useful life of the current application, size of the application, existing skill base of developers and system administrators, familiarity of users with their user interface, etc. These factors are covered later in the handbook. This chapter will address porting applications to another operating environment and rewriting applications. Porting can be done either manually or using a tool. Manual porting was covered earlier in the handbook. We will discuss tool based porting in this chapter. To make an application from one environment work in another environment, either the source can be ported or the required environment can be emulated at run time. This chapter deals with porting using source code. Emulation is covered later in the handbook.