chapter  7
16 Pages

Models for Beach Profile Response

ByR. G. Dean, E. M. Maurmeyer

This chapter reviews the characteristics of the available models and attempts to provide an evaluation of their validity. In order to develop a basis for predicting future shoreline positions and to interpret shoreline history, substantial efforts have been devoted to the idealization of shoreline behavior and to the formalization of simple models. These models include both kinematic and dynamic elements. The kinematic element requires conservation of sediment and the dynamic element relates the beach shape and/or position to some characteristics of the affecting forces. The kinematic element of a shoreline change model simply ensures conservation of volume of sediment. Usually the dynamic element of a model is coupled in some manner to the change in force that is taking place. The most common type of model attempts to address the changes that occur due to storms due to elevated mean water levels and storm waves or due to long-term sea level rise.