chapter  2
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Hydrogen and the Environment

Many if not most of environmental problems are directly associated with the production, transport, storage, and use of energy. Few citizens, be they engineers, environmentalists, legislators, or laymen, have a practical understanding of the regulation-setting process. Environment is science and technology, but it is more than these. It is also politics and law; these elements also must be understood. This chapter seeks to point out the basic data available. It seeks to set out the directions and types of firm considerations which need to be taken in the hydrogen field, and presents the rudimentary calculations. The chapter serves to raise the right questions and encourages programs to obtain complete and timely answers. The statement most frequently made about hydrogen and the environment is "Hydrogen is a pollution-free fuel." A search of the literature relating to hydrogen and its applications reveals that little has been done to date toward quantifying total environmental impacts of large-scale usage of hydrogen.